The furniture and interior industry is one of the industrial sectors that keeps developing in Indonesia.

Two major driving factors in the development of this industry are an increase in term of quantitiy of public demand for good quality furniture and an increase of public awarness of the necessity to pay more attention to interior design emphasizing on both functionality and aesthetic factors.

The demand of the Indonesian furniture products not only comes from the domestic market but also comes from international market. Thus, the furniture industry also takes part in increasing the country’s foreign exchange earnings through its involvement in the export market. This condition encourages furniture manufacturers to compete in producing good quality products to meet and fulfill market’s demand.

FMWOOD as one of the companies engaged in the furniture manufacture and interior design always strives to actively participate and contribute in the development of Indonesian furniture industry. Supported by competent human resources and adequate production facilities, Fmwood ensures their commitment to keep professionalism at work.

Decor Placements

Bring comfort, style and character to your house with a range of stools and chairs from Fmwood. We have variety of seats: classic and modern wooden seats, combination of wood and iron seats, leather and wooden seats.

Decor Placements

When coming into chair, design and comfort becomes everyone’s concern. A chair with a nice design that is suitable for a room with any interior styles. Its design allows everyone to have a seat comfortably. This classic piece is surely everyone’s favorite.

Decor Placements

Keep your furniture looking at it’s best for years to come with our high quality material and product. The matching planter  come in various colours and sizes and are rapidly becoming THE customer favourites.

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